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- 100% Natural Stone

- Free Estimates

- Custom Cuts

- Quality Fabrication

- Expert Installation

- Commercial & Residential

- Locally Owned & Operated

- Any Size Project

- Kitchen Counter Tops

- Vanities

- Bar Tops

- BBQ Tops

- Desk/Table Tops

- Fireplace Surroundings

- Tub Surroundings

- Competitively Priced

- Gift Items

- Full size slabs available for viewing

- Many colors to choose from




"WOW! Imagine my surprise when I walked into our kitchen and saw the work that you had done. I am impressed. I never thought that the countertops that we had chosen would have made a dramatic impact on the look of our country kitchen. I did not know when we started this project and tried to describe to you the ?furniture? look that we were trying to emulate, that we had gotten our image communicated to you. But as the results prove-we did! ...you are very perceptive in picking up on our ideas. I thought that the exposed beams along the wall would have presented a problem for cutting out the stone, however, you were able to make those precision cuts look like the stone had been ?made? for that wall! We now have both the ?furniture? looks we were looking for as well as a countertop that is the envy of all of our friends and neighbors. I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with your work and your work ethic. I have yet to work with a contractor who has delivered, on time, at the right price, and has stood behind his work as you have. I have every intention of using your name whenever I can to eliminate the perception that service in America is a thing of the past! We are quite pleased and cannot wait until we complete our center island so that we can complete the kitchen with more of your handy work. We will be calling on you again in the near future to help us complete our dream kitchen.

... C. Jordan  (Candia, NH)



"When I designed this home I insisted on a lot of windows, glass doors, as many ceramic tile floors as possible and black granite kitchen counter tops. We started discussing options in the summer of 1996 and they arrived that fall. I loved them from the moment they were installed, and I will never again live in a place that does not have them. ...the granite is as beautiful and damage free as the day it was installed. You did a great job, I cannot thank you enough. I knew I made the right choice the second they were in place. I was reminded of it two weeks later when the home inspector from the bank was almost down the stairs, stopped in mid stride and said ?Are the counter tops granite??  

I told him they were. He then returned to the kitchen and re-inspected them, then asked for the name and address of your company. He did not say a word regarding the rest of the estate. To this day people ask me who made these beautiful counter tops. The years have not changed them, they still look brand new. Thank you again for understanding what I wanted and creating it. It is as much a work of art as it is a truly carefree counter."

... Dr. and Mrs. Hoffman  (Sutton, NH)


"...it is truly fabulous. Your marble counters and Scott and Judy?s lovely tile work have really made it special.  It has become my favorite room. Thank you for making it happen for me and for all your hard work on this project.

The house has taken on a personality now which reflects the combination of the skills of all the workers.  Someone told me yesterday that it looks like a piece of fine furniture. I am so proud of that comment and see in it the great compliment to those worker?s skills.

... N. Gould



?Thanks? is such a tiny word and used often but it has a world of meaning as it goes today to you. I went to your ?showroom? and asked many questions and received pleasant and truthful answers. The counter work is lovelier that I expected so you know I have loads to be thankful for. I had chosen the best ?Granite counter Man?

... M. Bienvenue



"Absolutely Thrilled!  Love the countertops. Brett was very nice!"

... L. Darling



"Thanks for your excellent work on our granite countertops. The countertops are excellent and everyone who comes to visit comments on how great they look. Bianco Sardo was definitely the right choice for us and we thank Kim for her patience during that Big Decision. We recommend you to anyone we know who is building or remodeling." 

... T. Johnson  (Franklin, NH)



"We wanted to personally thank you for our granite countertops.  It truly was money well spent.  It adds so much life to our new home and everyone who comes to visit has to stop, touch and complement on its beauty.  Sometimes we even think our guests are spending too much time in the kitchen!  Along with the beauty aspect, we also feel that the quality of the product, service and pricing we received were second to none! In other words ?Great Job?.

 ...T. & D. Belben  (Goffstown, NH)


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